“Euphoria” on KirryCats Island original painting


“Euphoria” on KirryCats Island 
Acrylic and Indian Ink on canvas
size 30/24 inch

I’d like to tell you a story about a secret land I know. Very few have ever heard of it, and even fewer believe it could exist. Hidden amidst vast and open waters, far from civilization, there lies an island untouched by humankind. Its sandy shores are dotted only with the soft paw-prints of magical creatures, a race of colorful and fluffy-furred KirryCats.

The KirryCats live together in friendship and harmony. Their cheerful meowing, giggling, and music-making never falters. They spend their days on the island playing, catching fish, and dancing under the summer sun. But when night falls, the KirryCats are lulled into magical dreams by the rumbling of the ocean waves and the sound of firefly wings. … to be continued 

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 in