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Logo “Fractal Cowboys”

“Fractal Cowboys” :
As their vision returns, they see Jesus in a hand basket streaking toward them.
“Jesus Christ!” the duo “funky trunk cowboys” scream.
He just smiles and says, “I’m goin’ to Hell, you want to join me?”
Their knuckles turn white and their brows begin to sweat.
“Just kidding!”
And with one swish of his hand, Jesus turned into a zeta reticula, but dressed like a pimp, in the style of future Hong Kong.
Captain Zorbak of Alpha Centauri Prime (Galaktik Federation) and said unto them:
“Take these strange sounds and arrange them in a harmonious manner. Add a throbbing beat so people can dance to it. Change your name from the Funky Trunk Cowboys to the Fractal Cowboys. And for galaxy’s sake,put your pants on! You look like you’re dowsing for water or something something!”And this is how the Fractal Cowboys were born!Not that psy needed a legion of doom, but we have one, and for that lets give thanks!