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CD Cover Design “PostCard from Kali” Goa Gil

 Goa Gil — Postcard from Kali

a new mix CD from the undisputed G.O.A.T. of the psychedelic underground!

Featuring tracks from Quasar, Mubali, Bodhi, Samyaza, the Dog of Tears, Nommos, Ghreg on Earth, Zul, and Dylalien limited to 500 CD’s, only available from or in person at an upcoming Xexify performance such as Symbiosis.  for more information about Goa Gil, please click here.

Really cool experience working on CD release with maestro GoaGil. He had strong vision and I just became a tool. Project was time consuming and full of lessons for me, very happy with final print. Honored to be part of it. Thank you.