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Water Art Show. KirryCats visiting LA. Cactus Gallery.

  “Splish Splash Splosh” and “Rain Masters” were created for  for Cactus Gallery  Water-themed exhibit 

 August 13, 2016 at 4 PM – 10 PM

 Cactus Gallery 3001 N Coolidge Ave, Los Angeles, California 90039

It was fun little project and big night in LA. We drove to Los Angels  from San Francisco for the opening reception.  Weather temperature jump was a little bit too much for me (LA weather is Hot Hot compare to Sf Weather) 🙂  Cactus gallery community felt like family right away!  🙂  Thank you for the great times and for bringing me there! 



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Logo “Fractal Cowboys”

“Fractal Cowboys” :
As their vision returns, they see Jesus in a hand basket streaking toward them.
“Jesus Christ!” the duo “funky trunk cowboys” scream.
He just smiles and says, “I’m goin’ to Hell, you want to join me?”
Their knuckles turn white and their brows begin to sweat.
“Just kidding!”
And with one swish of his hand, Jesus turned into a zeta reticula, but dressed like a pimp, in the style of future Hong Kong.
Captain Zorbak of Alpha Centauri Prime (Galaktik Federation) and said unto them:
“Take these strange sounds and arrange them in a harmonious manner. Add a throbbing beat so people can dance to it. Change your name from the Funky Trunk Cowboys to the Fractal Cowboys. And for galaxy’s sake,put your pants on! You look like you’re dowsing for water or something something!”And this is how the Fractal Cowboys were born!Not that psy needed a legion of doom, but we have one, and for that lets give thanks!

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Music Video “Cloud in a Trousers” by Plan Lomonosova

Облако в штанах: Обеспокоенные мыслью #11

Incredible feeling  to watch your paintings becoming alive.  Summer 2015 I was working on series of paintings for project based on Vladimir Mayakovsky poem “A Cloud in Trousers” (1914 ) for the Russian punk band “PlanLomonosova”. It was challenging work, the poem pretty deep and dark, so i had to step down from my fluffy clouds. The plan was to print little book that will be attached to CD.  Band is located in Moscow, we don’t constantly stay in touch, so I was surprised to receive the link to this video.

It’s definitely next level. Very cool. Thank you “Plan Lomanosova” and “The Edison Lab”

you can hear album here :




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Art Box H19

It was one of my favorite installations for the solo art show. Address : Heron 19, San Francisco.






At the beginning it seemed impossible, we had cozy loft space with painted concrete walls (as you might know, nailing into concrete walls by hand is tough). So, the decision was to make new wall for art from the ropes attached to the industrial pipes on a ceiling . Process of installation took about 4 hours. Party was the hit! Art looked awesome! 

I do need more events like that, let me know if you got a space , I will bring the party!)

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“How Weird” 2015 Party Babas Stage production and art show









Fun Fun Fun spring project! Making Trance Stage for one of my favorite San Francisco Electronic Music Festival “How Weird” with the group of good friends (PartyBabas ).

My part was to create photo booth for the Alley on Minna St. and set the paintings on a side. Also just for fun I created pink elephant name Baba!

The hardest part was to protect the art during the festival day, DJs were blasting trance music, colorful crowd was dancing and drinking , oh it was fun and exhausting day! Thank you everybody who came to support and dance! Love and Peace and Weirdness forever 🙂 !