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Mushroom Cat Christmas Ornament










This Angel Cat will look great on your Tree.
He has a secret, it’s Mushroom and Tea!

available at my store

Made with intention to bring magical peace and beauty to the place of Christmas and New Year celebration.

One of a kind, hand sculpted from polymer clay, baked, hand painted and finished with high gloss epoxy by San Francisco artist Katia Goa. Size about 2.8 inch.

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“How Weird” 2015 Party Babas Stage production and art show









Fun Fun Fun spring project! Making Trance Stage for one of my favorite San Francisco Electronic Music Festival “How Weird” with the group of good friends (PartyBabas ).

My part was to create photo booth for the Alley on Minna St. and set the paintings on a side. Also just for fun I created pink elephant name Baba!

The hardest part was to protect the art during the festival day, DJs were blasting trance music, colorful crowd was dancing and drinking , oh it was fun and exhausting day! Thank you everybody who came to support and dance! Love and Peace and Weirdness forever 🙂 ! 


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UniKirry Super Sweet Wall Pet

“uniKirry” is here 🙂 overpowering madness with her cute looks and good vibes! She loves ice cream with berries and number 11! Her super power is making people smile and “awwww”  she is super sweet wall Pet!
Clay, acrylic, glossy finish. 4.5 inch
available at my etsy store