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“Bebe Bar” Brazilian Juice Bar Art Show















28 original paintings currently displayed for your visual and purchasing pleasure at the Bebebar Show will be happening till March 15, Stop by, get your Acai Bowl , enjoy! Coloring books and art prints are there as well. Cats Elephants and Vitamins will save us this winter season.

3809 18th St, San Francisco, California 94114 .  Open : M-Su 10a–6pm.

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Coloring Book #1 by Katia Goa is published and available










I am happy to offer my coloring book #1 featuring a collection of medium and highly detailed line art for advanced colorists. Cats Elephants and Happy Times by San Francisco artist Katia Goa (me) ! Level : intermediate to advanced.

while I’m working on my website you can get book at my etsy store:

14 beautiful line drawings are included in this collection. The book is staple bound. Measures 8.5 x 11. Pages are printed one-sided, meaning each line art has a blank back side. The inside pages are printed on a light-to-medium-weight, bright white, smooth paper that are suitable for all dry media as well as some light wet media applications such as Copic markers and dry brush application of watercolor and acrylics. If you are using wet media, I would recommend that you insert some kind of a buffer sheet under the page you’re working on in order to prevent bleed-through colors from seeping into the next page.

I would be happy to sign this book if you would mention it in the ‘note to seller’ during checkout. 

It’s a black and white replicas of my original paintings. You can see examples of my colors at

The 14 line drawings included in this collection are as follows.
• No Name City • Zen Cat • Dreamers • Happy Fields • Polka Dots • Great Escape • This Song is for You • Afternoon Bubbles
• October Cats • Rainbow Bear Dance • Space Cats • Succulent Vibration • Super Bloom • Bear Family      Publisher: Katia Goa


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CD Cover Design “PostCard from Kali” Goa Gil

 Goa Gil — Postcard from Kali

a new mix CD from the undisputed G.O.A.T. of the psychedelic underground!

Featuring tracks from Quasar, Mubali, Bodhi, Samyaza, the Dog of Tears, Nommos, Ghreg on Earth, Zul, and Dylalien limited to 500 CD’s, only available from or in person at an upcoming Xexify performance such as Symbiosis.  for more information about Goa Gil, please click here.

Really cool experience working on CD release with maestro GoaGil. He had strong vision and I just became a tool. Project was time consuming and full of lessons for me, very happy with final print. Honored to be part of it. Thank you.  

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History of creating flyers for “GoaGil California” 2014-2017

Once upon a time I attended the outdoor festival named GoaGil.  Psychedelic music, beautiful nature, fun crazy eccentric good people.

Half a year later I found myself by the computer designing the flyer 🙂 first flyer had a fly on it 🙂 haha, it worked. 

The Classy October “BadonkaDonk” was the most complicated design, with funny twist from “Classy October” to the surreal class room, I practiced freshly learned digital painting skills using wacom tablet, it worked. Gil really liked it 🙂 Me happy 🙂 



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“Somewhere in Oakland”  commissioned painting

“Would you, please, paint my Cats?” – asked Chris

“I will need to meet them first!” – was my reply.

So we went to Oakland to meet KirryCats, and talk about them for a while. About their stories and habits and things they like. Cats were busy in a back yard but I got to pet them when they came for lunch.

Also we discussed the size and price and deadlines for the first sketches and final art work . Three weeks Later painting was ready. 

“yaaaay! it’s so good!!!  You nailed both of them perfectly! Thank you so much Katia!!!” – said my friends, and proudly put it on the wall 🙂