Katia Goa   Russian born (1980), San Francisco-based psychedelic painter.


After graduating from the Volgograd University in Russia with a printmaking and illustration degree, I moved to the US to continue my artistic journey. I have been drawing and painting my dreams and fantasies since I was five. My family has encouraged me all the way as I continue to put my visions onto the canvas. The support of loved ones, being surrounded by artists, world travel, and art education have made me who I am…

I am fascinated with my work. Painting brings me peace and happiness. Each piece has a story behind it–a great weekend or an emotion; a dream or a book. When I put the first lines on a blank canvas, I do not usually know what the finished piece is going to look like. I go in with nothing but something to express.

Hours of work and thought bring me to places I have never been before. The feeling of satisfaction, which comes the moment I realize the piece is almost done, is incomparable.

Often my art tells people stories that are different from mine. I find them fascinating and love hearing their interpretation. I want my art to make people feel a range of emotions…

My favorite media are printmaking, acrylic painting, sculpting and graphic design.

I created etchings and monoprints between 1997 and 2005. The work of that period looks darker, which is normal for traditional printmaking.

The next five years brought me to a job in digital design for advertising, a world that did not leave much time for painting. In 2010 I moved to California. This was a big change but I realized that the time was right towork on achieving my goals. My life took a 180-degree turn, as I started to explore new media and do what I always wanted to do.

In 2012 I moved to San Francisco. It is when my dream started to become a reality. I paint every day, I am surrounded by talented, inspiring, and creative people. San Francisco took me in with love and psychedelic purity. I found myself painting happy and bright visions that happen non-stop on a daily basis.

Art IS magic. If you look at my paintings and it puts a smile on your face–then you realize your inner child is here and smiling with you–my goal is achieved! Keep smiling!